Aerial Yoga Teacher Training 50 Hours

Welcome to Our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course!

At Nagendran Yoga International, Our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to teach safe and effective aerial yoga classes. Aerial yoga combines traditional yoga poses with the support of a fabric hammock, allowing for increased flexibility, strength, and balance. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from our training:

  1. Introduction to Aerial Yoga: Learn about the origins and benefits of aerial yoga. Understand the fundamental principles and safety guidelines for practicing and teaching aerial yoga. Explore the unique opportunities and challenges presented by practicing yoga in a suspended hammock.
  2. Aerial Asanas and Sequencing: Deepen your understanding and practice of aerial yoga asanas (poses). Learn a variety of poses that utilize the hammock for support, balance, and dynamic movements. Explore the principles of sequencing for aerial yoga classes, considering the unique possibilities and considerations of aerial practice.
  3.  Aerial Anatomy and Safety: Study the anatomical aspects specific to aerial yoga practice. Understand how the hammock supports and challenges different muscle groups and joints. Learn about common safety considerations, spotting techniques, and how to adapt poses for individual needs and limitations.
  4. Teaching Methodology: Develop effective teaching skills for leading aerial yoga classes. Learn how to guide students through aerial asanas with clear instructions and modifications. Explore the art of cueing, sequencing, and creating a safe and supportive environment for aerial yoga practitioners of all levels.
  5.  Aerial Fitness and Conditioning: Discover the fitness and conditioning aspects of aerial yoga. Explore strength-building exercises, inversions, and dynamic movements that challenge and engage the entire body. Understand how to structure classes that provide both a yoga practice and a workout.
  6. Aerial Restorative and Therapeutic Practices: Explore the restorative and therapeutic applications of aerial yoga. Learn how to use the hammock for supported stretching, relaxation, and gentle traction. Discover techniques for releasing tension, improving flexibility, and promoting deep relaxation in aerial restorative practices.
  7. Safety and Rigging: Understand the importance of safety and rigging in aerial yoga. Learn how to properly set up and secure the hammocks, ensuring a safe environment for yourself and your students. Familiarize yourself with safety protocols and equipment maintenance.
  8. Business and Professional Development: Gain insights into the business and professional aspects of teaching aerial yoga. Explore marketing strategies, studio management, and how to build a sustainable career as an aerial yoga instructor. Learn about insurance considerations and legal aspects related to teaching aerial yoga.
  9. Practicum and Teaching Experience: Put your learning into practice through teaching opportunities. Gain hands-on experience by leading segments of aerial yoga classes under the guidance and supervision of experienced instructors. Receive feedback and guidance to refine your teaching skills and build confidence.

Our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to confidently teach aerial yoga classes. Whether you aim to teach in dedicated aerial yoga studios or fitness centers or offer specialized workshops, this training will provide you with a strong foundation. Join us on this exciting journey of aerial exploration and empowerment. Namaste.

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